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Accelerate with Ferratum Team in the FIA WorldRX races in 2020!

I feel that WorldRX racing is a great match with important values that are part of Ferratum’s DNA – innovation in technology, commitment to a sustainable future and speed, be it on the racing track or when delivering digital financial solutions to our customers in more than 20 global markets,” told Ferratum’s CEO and founder Jorma Jokela.

A global FinTech company Ferratum continues its successful cooperation as the title sponsor of the FIA WorldRX, started in 2019, this time bringing in its own Ferratum Team, led by the Finnish driver Jani Paasonen. The goal of the team for the 2020 season is ambitious – to get into all finals in this year’s races. In the future, the team aims to attend the races with a sustainable electric car and bringing other future innovations to RX.  

Ferratum Team & Jani Paasonen

Ferratum Team aims at bringing future innovations to RX and attending the races with an electric car in the longer run, perhaps as soon as in 2022 already.

Focus, trust and cooperation - these are the key factors in the rallycross according to the Ferratum Team racing driver Jani Paasonen. ”It demands huge amount of discipline to reach the first curve. When I have the helmet on, I need to trust that my team has done and continues to do their absolutely best performance.”

Ferratum’s racing car has a unique custom-made engine built in Finland. “My friend, who has worked with turbos for 25 years, has built the engine for our Ferratum WorldRX racing car. Dozens of cars are utilizing the engines of the same global manufacturers, so I believe our Finnish-made engine is truly unique and will stand out,” says Jani.

Our racing galleries

World RX in Germany

World RX in Barcelona, Spain 

World RX in Spa, Belgium 

World RX in Portugal

World RX in Sweden 2020

Höljes Motorstadion Rallycross circuit

World RX in Latvia

World RX in Finland 2020

Kouvola Circuit

1. Sweden, Höljes, 22.–23.8. (two race events during the weekend)

2. Finland, Kouvola, 29.–30.8. (two race events during the weekend)

3. Latvia, Riga, 19.–20.9. (two race events during the weekend)

4. Belgia, Spa-Francorchamps 3.–4.10.

5. Portugal, Montalegre, 10.–11.10.

6. Spain, Barcelona, 17.–18.10.

7. Germany, Nürburgring, 12.–13.12.

FIA WorldRX Calendar 2020*

*Subject to changes by FIA in accordance with the changing COVID-situation in the world.

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